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    Faye Grant Home
    Sequins -Manhattan Beach
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    It's not surprising that Pamela Bissett's early vocabulary included the word "composition" because she was born into the world of art and design. Her father was both an art teacher and a technical illustator in the aerospace industry who, long before the age of CAD, used Rapidiograph and airbrush to produce realistic 3-D drawings of rockets and their technically "exploded" parts. Pamela's mother was a graphic designer by day, but transformed into a fine arts painter in her off hours. By the age of 10 Pamela was attending college level fine arts classes along with her mother and at 15 enrolled, by invitation, in the Art Center College of Design Youth Program. Following High School Pamela segued into Glass Artistry- etching and Carving 3 dimensional pieces. Initially self-taught, she later supplemented her knowledge by studying at the Internationally reknowned Pilchuck Glass Studio in Seattle. Later feeling the need to challenge herself, she returned to painting, studying with Davis Miller and Lance Richlin of Art Center College of Design. In addition, she has been influenced by the playful qualities in the works of Tim McDowell, Bernd Haussmann and Cy Twombly. Pamela believes part of the definition of artist is tyo never stop observing, studying and experimenting.
    It's a given that Pamela does not separate the personal from the artistic. With a constant awareness of the beauty of her surroundings her journey has lead her to a positive place, a place where she does not feel the need to seek approval and understands how everyone fits within their own selves.
    Pamela's goal is to take her thoughts and visions and interpret them in a tangible way that makes their beauty accessible.
    Initially a figurative painter, Pamela has progressed through a period of metallic works which reflect her early exposure to graphic design and hint at her direction toward nature. Her current "Solstice Series" pieces, although abstract pull the viewer headlong into the organics of life--it's like being on vacation in a place you've never been before, yet it seems somehow familiar. Inspired by vistas, Pamela focuses on the natural forms, offering verdant hues, thoughtful composition, and an intriguing quality of light and depth of field that draws viewers in but lets them fill in the details, thus allowing the viewer to become personally involved in the painting.