Pamela J. Bissett, Fine Art, Abstract, Modern Oil and Acrylic Paintings

As an Artist, I'm quite fascinated by what can be seen with the eyes and also with the unwritten emotional translation as applied to shape form and line to create a cornucopia which lies before us all in cycles of birth, change and expiration ever evolving.
Much of my Artwork seeks to express glimpses into the memory of my mind's eye starting usually with an either botanically or landscape inspired subject evolving into the separation of not really being a definitive thing. You may think you recognize something washed up upon the beach by the waves, squiggles of happiness that you feel in your stomach, or the curving shoreline. You might see beautiful thoughts and energy flowing freely from a tangle of shapes, a sunny morning or memories faded into the psyche floating weightlessly, or bright moments of epiphany.

Pamela J. Bissett